NonClinical Subteam

Leader Information

Name Email
Paul Faya
Perceval (Percy) Sondag

SubTeam Overview

The goals of this subteam are 1) Influence regulatory agency guidelines and standard industry practice in the context of applying Bayesian methods and philosophy in nonclinical areas. 2) Foster broader awareness of the relevance, validity, and potential advantages of Bayesian methods applied in the nonclinical space among statisticians and non-statisticians 3) Develop specific use-cases within CMC space where the application of Bayesian methods is embraced broadly among regulators / CMC reviewers of drug applications, including applications using informative priors. 4) Develop specific use-cases in non-CMC areas, such as in the design and analysis of animal studies

Ongoing Projects

  • Survey to the nonclinical statistics community
  • Position paper on prior construction for method validation studies