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Title: Bayesian Biopharmaceutical Applications Using PROC MCMC and PROC BGLIMM

Presenter: Dr. Fang Chen (Director of Advanced Statistical Methods at SAS Institute Inc)

This tutorial reviews Bayesian capabilities in SAS that are relevant to the biopharmaceutical industry (e.g. the MCMC procedure and the BGLIMM procedure), and presents a few data analysis examples and case studies in detail.

Both the MCMC and the BGLIMM procedures are sampling-based software that provide full Bayesian inference for parametric statistical models – PROC MCMC is a more general-purpose simulation tool and the new PROC BGLIMM is designed specifically to handle Bayesian generalized linear mixed models. The first part of the tutorial introduces the procedures and demonstrates their use with simple applications. The second part of the tutorial takes the usage of the software a step further and covers a few common topics in clinical and nonclinical applications, such as use of historical information, predicting relative potency range, Bayesian design and simulation, etc.

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