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Presenter: Dr. Larry Gould (Merck & Co., Inc.)

Title: BMA-Mod : A Bayesian Model Averaging Strategy for Determining Dose-Response Relationships in the Presence of Model Uncertainty

Successful pharmaceutical drug development requires finding correct doses. The issues that conventional dose-response analyses consider, namely whether responses are related to doses, which doses have responses differing from a control dose response, the functional form of a dose-response relationship, and the dose(s) to carry forward, do not need to be addressed simultaneously. Determining if a dose-response relationship exists, regardless of its functional form, and then identifying a range of doses to study further may be a more efficient strategy. This article describes a novel estimation-focused Bayesian approach (BMA-Mod) for carrying out the analyses when the actual dose-response function is unknown. Realizations from Bayesian analyses of linear, generalized linear, and nonlinear regression models that may include random effects and covariates other than dose are optimally combined to produce distributions of important secondary quantities, including test-control differences, predictive distributions of possible outcomes from future trials, and ranges of doses corresponding to target outcomes. The objective is similar to the objective of the hypothesis-testing based MCP-Mod approach, but provides more model and distributional flexibility and does not require testing hypotheses or adjusting for multiple comparisons. A number of examples illustrate the application of the method.

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